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Myprotein is a renowned sports nutrition brand with over ten years under its belt. Based in Manchester, UK, Myprotein offers an array of premium products that range from powders to energy gels and meal replacement bars. All items sell through its easy-to-navigate website. Whether it is a sports product, general health item or bulk option, the top-quality, effective products are why this brand is a nutritional leader in Europe and has over half a million customers.

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Impressive Range of Products

For sports supplements, the Myprotein website is a one-stop shop. It offers products to help you improve at a particular sport, with particular pages devoted to boxing, rugby, football, running, weightlifting and more.

For weightlifters, for example, the suggested products offer results that include shedding body fat, increase in performance during training sessions and gaining muscle to gain weight. Recommended Myprotein products include Tribulus Pro, MSM Powder, and Creatine Monohydrate. It has never been easier to attain a particular workout goal with these sports-orientated pages and products to assist you!

Alternatively, search the Myprotein site according to “Your Goal” to find appropriate nutritional products for you primary sports objective. Choices here include diet and weight loss, health and wellbeing, muscle and strength, and sports performance. Amazing products to suit your needs show up clearly on each associated goals page.

For example, a goal of diet and weight loss teams up well with options such as Impact Diet Whey, CLA, and Thermopure. Myprotein Impact Diet Whey is a supplement that combines Whey Protein and Milk Protein Concentrate with carbohydrates low in the Glycaemic Index. The pouched product is high in protein, making it suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight effectively by reducing fat levels without reducing lean mass. It makes a delicious shake for after a workout and is a way to consume protein on a daily basis.

Flavourful Sports Nutrition

Besides offering sports products that deliver on their promises, Myprotein is also so successful in Europe because its products taste good! While you’ve likely had bland or less-than-tasty health products in the past, this is not the case with Myprotein. In fact, many of the products have a range of flavours available to you when you order from them. For example, ENER:GEL, an energy gel to increase endurance, comes in four flavours. Choose from Tropical, Orange, Lemon & Lime and Black Currant. If you want a carbohydrate-based drink during your workout to help you last longer as you run on a treadmill, the TriCarb comes in Summer Fruit or Tropical varieties.

High Quality at Affordable Prices

In addition, Myprotein maintains top quality for all of its products. Myprotein has accreditation with ISO 9001 and the product lines feature premium ingredients. In terms of testing, the company conforms to the latest HACCP and GMP standards so that the safest product always delivers to the customer.

Pricing is affordable, particularly when you consider the high-quality standards. Myprotein can afford to sell premium products at low cost because it buys in bulk and manufactures the products in-house before selling them online. That means there is no middle-man to pay, so they can keep the online prices reasonable.

Discount Codes at Myprotein

To save additional money, without ever falling short on value, you can use discounts, coupon codes or exclusive offers on orders at the website. Myprotein regularly releases promos through its social media network profiles, including Twitter and Facebook. These are easy to spot when you follow those profiles as you will then see their updates and the amount of cash you can save when you sign into the networks. Also, browse the Myprotein clearance page to find frequent deals, such as 10% off an order, and sometimes the discounts include freebies, such as blenders, too. There are also voucher codes offered on the website and on deal sites around the web. Recent codes have been for as much as 50% off orders! For students, enjoy special discounts on orders simply by being an NUS extra Card holder; the savings apply to the full range of supplements (all but the bundles).

To learn more about the variety of sports nutrition products available to help you meet your athletic or general health goals, check out Myprotein today.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

My Protein buy in bulk, they carry out in-house manufacturing and sell directly online. In other words, they have the middle men cut out in order that you can purchase the best nutritional supplement at the lowest prices possible. In the event that you would like even greater discounts, you will be able to buy in bulk or use the My Protein discount; it is totally your choice.

Exceptional Taste

My Protein prides itself on the taste of every one of their flavoured supplements. Every product goes through meticulous trials and it is taste tested personally by members of staff until it is just right. In the event that you would like to modify your own supplements, the My Protein Flavouring system will be perfect for you.

Finest Quality

My Protein consistently goes in search of the most recent natural ingredients and insists on using the highest quality in all their products. My Protein is certified by SGS to ISO9001, which is a company that is accredited by UKAS, as well as being an Internet supplier for Creapure, PeptoPro, Chocamine and Kre Alkalyn.

Maximum Flexibility

RTDs, tablets, soft gels, capsules, powders are the different varieties available to consumers. Products are designed in as a number of formats as possible to enable you to select the one which is best suited to you. After all, everybody is different. They have pill making machines, endless flavours and multiple sizes; it is left to you personal preference.

As My Protein is exclusively online, you will be able to shop whenever you feel like it and you can earn loyalty points each time you shop.